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"Community Spirit" is the title we have given to our project to make sure that St Luke’s Church fully serves the whole community of East and West Morton.


It will involve removing the inflexible and uncomfortable pews and replacing them with movable and stackable chairs, and creating a proper kitchen and new toilet facilities.


St Luke's Church, East Morton was built in 1851. It has played a big part in the lives of families and individuals for many generations. It is the only building in a village of 3,500 people capable of accommodating a large number of people.


Now at a time when fewer people come regularly to church we are conscious that it is selfish to keep this asset just for those who come to church services. We have a big vision to renovate our Church to provide substantial space for community activities. Our vision is that these facilities will be used for a wide range of activities for children, young people and adults during the day on most days, and most evenings.


We anticipate that, in one way or another, all of the 3,500 people who live in the village (of whom a quarter are aged 16 or under) will benefit from these plans.


To make the interior of the church fit for community use will involve

• removing the pews

• laying a new floor

• constructing and fitting out a kitchen

• purchasing tables and chairs


With ancillary costs this will come to about £180,000.


We estimate that we need to find from within our community around £60,000 in order to unlock grants from charitable trusts and other bodies. We are inviting you to pledge a sum of money over the next 2 years.


If you are willing to pledge your financial support over the next two years, please do so using the pledge form that you can download here:

Community Spirit

Community Spirit giving details

If you have any practical suggestions or ideas that might help us reach our target please let us know at stlukesmorton@gmail.com

If you don't feel able to make a pledge you are welcome to make a one-off donation. Please see the column on the left for how you can do that.

St Luke's Church, Morton Lane, East Morton, BD20 5RS