St Luke's Church, Morton Lane, East Morton, BD20 5RS

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These are our normal regular Church Services - However during July and August 2022, while the building is being renovated, these do not apply!

There is a regular pattern to our Sunday Services, see below. But it seems that nearly every month there is something special that happens for one reason or another, so the most reliable way of finding out what is going on is to look at the Home Page (which is updated every month).


1st Sunday in month

  8.00am   Holy Communion (from the Book of Common Prayer 1662)

10.00am   Family Service (modern language, with choir)


2nd Sunday in month

10.00am   Holy Communion (modern language, with choir).


3rd Sunday in month

10.00am   Morning Worship (modern language, with choir)


4th Sunday in month

10.00am   Holy Communion (modern language, with choir)


5th Sunday in month (when it occurs)

10.00am   EITHER Holy Communion OR Morning Worship (modern language, with choir)


Everyone is very welcome at all our services. If you have not been before it would be great if you would feel able to introduce yourself to one of the clergy or churchwardens so that we can give you a proper welcome!


Special Services

Every couple of months St Luke's runs a special service. It might be a joint services with Morton Chapel (like on Remembrance Day), or an evening service of songs and music from the Taizé community. Please see our What's On page for any dates for special services.



Baptisms always take place on a Sunday. They may take place either at the 10.00am service, or afterwards at 12.00

For more information about Baptisms please see the Baptism page.


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