All the old pews have been sold!


Following extensive trials our preferred chair is the LAMS JACOB Lightweight Wooden High-Stacking Chair from Alpha Furniture. (We have got 90+ second-hand chairs that we purchased last year from the Institute to tide us over for a while.)

Anyone can buy one or more chairs for St Luke’s Church.


But it is not necessary to have someone to donate the chair in memory of. You can donate one or more chairs just to support present and future generations who want to enjoy sitting comfortably in St Luke’s Church!

Simply download The Community Spirit Chair Appeal form and fill it in.

Thank you very much


New Chairs for St Luke’s Church!

The most exciting and far-reaching development for St Luke’s Church so far this year is that work has begun to remove the old pews and level the floor to make the church building fit for community use.

While the work is going on we will be joining the Chapel for our Sunday worship (which will be at 10.30am). 

One good suggestion is to donate a chair in memory of a loved one. The chair can then have a discreet inscription attached to the book box on the back, like the one in this illustration taken from a cathedral in our diocese. The plaque measures approx. 3 x 1 inches.

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St Luke's Church, Morton Lane, East Morton, BD20 5RS